• Review: ettang Flower Bubble Bomb Mask

by MISHIBOX Team April 05, 2017

The ettang Flower Bubble Bomb Mask is part of the ettang botanical line, which focuses on using natural plant ingredients to target skin concerns. Other products in this line include the Botanical Garden Cleansing Oil and Botanical Garden Essential Oil. By the way, did you know that the name “ettang” means “this world” in Korean? The name represents the philosophy that they “will develop healthy cosmetics by using the high quality ingredients on earth.”

Anyway, this mask is a wash-off type that claims to provide effective cleansing and moisturization using carbonated bubbles, so I decided to give it a go!

The container comes packaged in a pretty pink and white outer box with an included spatula. I love it when wash-off masks include a spatula! It’s a much more effective and sanitary way of scooping up products.

Upon screwing off the cap, I see that the ettang Flower Bubble Bomb Mask is actually slightly gross in appearance- it's a lumpy, gray, bubbly/crackly product that basically looks like a lump of bubbly mud with “stuff” in it. But this "stuff" are rose petals that will help with exfoliation. The gray color is due to kaolin, a type of clay that helps bind dirt and debris on skin to wash it away. The scent is earthy and floral at the same time, which I did not mind.

I scooped up a grape-sized amount and spread it across my forehead. I needed about four times this much to cover my entire face. The mask started bubbling up almost immediately, and tickled slightly, which I thought was fun! Within 3-5 minutes, the product bubbled up about 3 times the original volume!

I went to wash the product off with warm water, and it took a LOT of washes to get the product off completely- maybe about 20 rinses. One thing I didn’t like was how the product bubbled up into my hairline and I had to wash it out of my hair. However, after rinsing completely, I patted my face dry and found that my skin felt super soft! I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn't really expecting such noticeable, immediate results.

I was so excited about the ettang Flower Bubble Bomb Mask that I decided to use it again the second night- and oops, not a good idea! Second use in two days was too much, and it dried out my skin! I had to apply a few layers of serums and creams for damage control, and even then, my skin felt rough the next morning.

I waited a full week patiently to use it again before writing this review, and the third time was a charm, because it had the skin softening effects again. Overall, I think the ettang Flower Bubble Bomb Mask is a fun mask that provides effective cleansing and softening, but not moisturization. I recommend this product for those with normal, combination, or oily skin. I would not use it if you have dry skin. And don’t make the same mistake as I did- use it no more than once weekly!

~ Naree