• Product Review: Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum

by MISHIBOX Team November 27, 2017

Hi everyone! It's been a really long time since I did a blog post- my apologies! But I am back with a review of the Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum! 

Okay, so as any K-Beauty enthusiast (and really any skincare enthusiast) should know, UV protection is always important, even in winter, even on cloudy days! And as someone with oily skin, I am always on the hunt for better sun protection.

I have used the Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Long Lasting for Oily Skin in the summer for its high SPF and liked it, so when I saw the no sebum variety, I definitely wanted to try it to see how it compared!

Innisfree UV Protection Cream

At $16 USD for a 50 ml tube, the price point is very accessible. The packaging is about the same as Innisfree's other UV Protection Creams- it is a durable, flexible tube that stands upright and squeezes out. It's simple, mess-free, and economical. I also like the white packaging color for this specific product that makes it look very fresh! 

Out of the tube, the sunscreen itself is a light tan-taupe in color. It has a minimal powdery scent that I didn't mind at all. The texture is fairly thick, but very smooth. 

Innisfree UV Protection Cream applied on my hand

Okay, so here's the kicker- DO YOU SEE THAT WHITE CAST?! (The cream is applied to the right side of my hand as seen in the picture).

Goodness, when I first applied this onto my face and saw the extreme white cast, I was literally reminded of Toshio from the Japanese horror flick Ju-On (AKA The Grudge). I would insert a link to Toshio but it is a terrifying picture and I will spare you the image- if you don't know what he looks like, feel free to Google. 

Anyway, after this initial shock, I calmed myself down and waited to see if the white cast would go away. After waiting about five minutes, I looked in the mirror again- NOPE, still there. I was fairly disappointed by this, since I was so excited to try this product. 

BUT! But, but, but, Innisfree didn't make a complete mistake with this product, because the mattifying effect is real. Oh man, my skin felt so soft and velvety and matte after applying this sunscreen that I kept touching my face and had to tell myself to stop. I loved how my skin felt with it on! So I applied my foundation as usual, which basically hid the white cast, and noted that this sunscreen worked pretty well as a make-up base. 

About halfway through the day, I checked my skin in the mirror and noted that it seemed slightly less oily than usual- definitely a plus! 

Overall, I give the Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum 4 out of 5 stars. 1 star off for the very noticeable white cast, but with make-up on, it was not a deal breaker for me. Personally, its smooth texture and mattifying effect are enough to continue using this product, but for those who do not wear make-up often, this product probably is not for you. 

I hope this was a useful review! Comment or questions? Reach out to me below!