• Homemade Moisture Cream Crop Pack

by MISHIBOX Team May 21, 2015

In the last of our After School's Beauty Bible Spring Cleaning episode review, we will cover their instructions on homemade moisture cream crop packs!

The last pack that Kaeun and Jungah presented is a moisture cream crop pack. For example, a 곡물팩 (gok-mul pack) can be made of rice bran, brown rice, green tea, etc.

Kaeun showed us how to make your own moisture cream gokmul pack at home using a 2:1 mixture of moisture cream and adlay powder, which will make a great pack for those with dry skin like Juyeon.

You will need to mix the cream and the adlay powder, apply it to your lips, wipe it off with a cotton swab to remove the dead skin, and then apply some moisture cream to your lips.

After you apply the moisture cream, you should cover your lips with plastic wrap for ten minutes to help your lips absorb the moisture. After ten minutes has passed, finish off with your favorite lip balm for extra soft lips!

Are you going to try this at home?