• Night Time K-Beauty Routine!

by MISHIBOX Team June 14, 2017

Okay, so it’s taken me a lot longer than expected to write this blog post! Part of the reason for the delay is procrastination (sorry!), but another big part is because my night time routine is constantly changing! You see, as the unofficial product tester for Mishibox, I am constantly trying new products and incorporating them into my skincare regimen. So instead of writing about a specific routine, I decided to focus more on the big picture, and the different products that could be used depending on individual preferences.

Cleansing: Is everyone double cleansing? My favorite method of cleansing is to oil cleanse with Skin Watchers Natural Deep Cleansing Oil, then follow up with the Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash. I like powder cleansers because they have a slight exfoliating action due to the granules.

  • I have also recently gotten on the cleansing water bandwagon! It’s a very convenient way to clean your skin- try the THANKYOU FARMER Back to Iceland Cleansing Water- it left my skin feeling clean and moisturized!


Toning: Toners are like the bridge between cleaning and moisturizing. I have used my Skylake Oriental Herbal Relax Toner for a long time, but now I am thinking about trying the Benton Honest TT Mist, since I love tea tree! Spray a few quick spritzes onto clean face and wait about 15 seconds before moving onto the next step.

Exfoliating: I am obsessed with exfoliating! Especially for those with oily skin, proper, gentle exfoliation is the one step that is guaranteed to make a difference in your skin texture and tone almost immediately!

Moisturizing: Because I have oily skin, I have minimal moisturizing needs. My go-to product is the Skin Watchers Green Snail Intensive Cream, but I also like the Skin Watchers Ceramizing Cream, and the Daycell Re,DNA Propolis 80% Cream. Sometimes I just use a sheet mask instead of a cream!


    Special treatments: Sometimes, you may need to do a “special treatment” on your skin, depending on its current status. For example, I use the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch on pimples and zits. It absorbs all the gunk in the zit and leaves just a small dot! Much safer and cleaner than squeezing!


      I hope this post was helpful! Do you have any suggestions, comments, or questions? Write us a note below!

       ~ Naree

      MISHIBOX Team
      MISHIBOX Team