• Whitening 101 from a Korean Esthetician

by MISHIBOX Team May 30, 2015

In episode 1 of After School's Beauty Bible, Uie and Kaeun went on a mission to learn about whitening and also receive whitening treatments on themselves. They went to meet with esthetician Kim Seongryeong.

If you ever wondered why your skin can sometimes turn dark and have spots, Kim Seongryeong explained that your skin can darken and have spots typically for three reasons:

  1. If you are stressed and have irregular routines,
  2. If you don’t manage your scars or acne very well, or
  3. If you do not use sunblock to block UV rays at all times.

She stressed that the third reason is the most important factor in skin darkening and the formation of spots on your skin. Always use sun screen! And yes, even on a cloudy day.

Regarding whitening trends, the esthetician noted that fermentation is very popular. The advantage of using fermentation for whitening is that you can whiten with less stimulation on the skin since you are using natural ingredients. The fermentation process also helps the ingredients to absorb well. This is probably why you find so many Korean products these days with the word "fermented."

If there is one season when you will need more whitening, the esthetician stated that it would be the spring. Since in the spring, the sun gets hot relatively suddenly, you have to pay more attention to your skin.

In general, Kim Seongryeong recommended that you should eat fruits and vegetables with vitamin C, drink over eight cups of water on a daily basis, and use sun block every day habitually. Not just once a day, but ensuring that you reapply as needed.

Make sure to come back and check out our next blog post on Kim Seongryeong's recipe for a homemade whitening toner!