• Recycle Almost Expired Beauty Products

by MISHIBOX Team May 20, 2015

In the same episode of After School's Beauty Bible that we mentioned in our How to Read Expiration Dates on Korean Cosmetics post, Juyeon and Lizzy shared a few tips on how to recycle almost expired beauty products.

Since it seems wasteful to just throw away your expired products, Juyeon explained how you can recycle your almost expired beauty products.

Homemade Body Shimmer Balm

For the first recycled product, she used an almost expired eye shadow and an almost expired sun block to make a body shimmer balm. You simply squeeze out the sun block into a little bowl, break up the eye shadow with a toothpick, pour the crushed eye shadow into the sun block, and then mix it all up!

You can see how the body shimmer balm looks on Juyeon's hand. The right side shows the hand on which she applied the shimmer balm. It looks slightly whitened likely due to the sun block.

Homemade Nail Polish

The second recycling project was for making nail polish. First you have to crush the eye shadow, add it into a bottle of clear polish, and then mix it all up!

That's it!

They tried applying the nail polish onto a staff member's nails to show you how it would look on your nails. What a great way to recycle your nearly expired eye shadow! What do you think? Would you try this at home?