MISHIBOX Luxe - Moisture Booster

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Category: dryness, excluded, luxe, moisturizing, sale

Type: Luxe

The Moisture Booster Luxe box by MISHIBOX...

The MISHIBOX Luxe Moisture Booster box includes the following items (check out the links below for more information about each product):

  1. COSMETEA Moisture Care Tea Cleanser - Black Tea + Omija
  2. SIORIS Bring the Light into Your Skin Serum
  3. Re,DNA Propolis 80% Cream (Mini)
  4. Healavie Soft Cover Waterdrop Sun Gel
  5. Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Eye Cream
  6. Healavie Soft Creamy Brightening Serum Mask
  7. BOOM DE AH DAH Every Masks - Olive
  8. PROUD MARY Cereal Moisture Mask - Moisture
  9. Half Moon Eyes Hojine Sleeping Pack
  10. A'PIEU Milk One-Pack Coconut

Coupons are not valid on Luxe boxes as they are already highly discounted.

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