COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

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  • The COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball is made from 100% Natural Silk and Natural Protein Sericin to minimize irritation and the loss of moisture while removing unnecessary skin waste. The silk finger balls are convenient, travel-friendly, and affordable solutions for improving the skin tone and making the skin clear and smooth. Blackheads and sebum will clear away when gently massaged with the silk finger balls. Each COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball is reusable for 2-3 times.

    Size:  1 pack (12 pieces)
  • 1.  Soak the finger ball in lukewarm water for 2~3 minutes.
    2.  Put softened ball on your finger and massage desired parts.
    3.  Wash the wastes came out with finger ball with water and dry the ball.
    4.  Use 1~2 times per week. Each ball, you can use 2~3 times.

    Manufactured for:  COSRX

    Company Address:  #612, 69, Seongnam-daero, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

  • 100% Natural Silk
  • 1. During product use, if you experience any of the following symptoms, discontinue use and consult with dermatologist.
    (1) Red spots, rash, swell, itching, irritation, or other allergic reactions.
    (2) The symptoms on affected area are above results of direct sunlight.
    2. Do not use on with cuts, wounds and area of dermatitis, etc.
    3. Storage instruction.
    (1) Keep out of reach of children.
    (2) Keep away from heat, freezing temperatures and direct sunlight.

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