RaEum PARK Silicon Jelly Puff

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  • The RaEum PARK Silicon Jelly Puff is a cute silicon jelly make-up applicator suitable for all liquid type products. Durable and long lasting with proper care, there is no need to frequently replace this puff. A thin PU film on the outside of the puff helps it maintain its shape while protecting your skin against irritation. 

    The RaEum PARK Silicon Jelly Puff has excellent adhesion and coverage - evenly spreading the product as if you were applying with your fingers. There is no wastage of product since this jelly puff does not absorb any liquids while consuming only a 1/3 of the product for the same results.

    Easy to use and easy to clean with just mild soap and water. This jelly puff is pretty versatile - also try it out as a make up palette, compact puff, or a light cold pack to sooth your skin. 

    Size:  1 Puff (May come in varied shapes and sizes)
  • Give the puff a quick rinse and dry before first time use. Apply your make up or cream. (Try as an applicator, a make up palette, or compact puff or a cooling puff for your eyes). After use, rub/rinse lightly under running water to clean any excess product off. Dry before storing or next use.

    *Caution: Do not tear off the PU protective film on the puff surface. Do not twist or pull it excessively. Take care so that the puff is not punctured by sharp objects or tools. Broken protective film may shorten its life. 

    Manufactured for:  Daycell Cosmetics Co. Ltd.

    Company Address:   634, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, KOREA

  • Silicon

  • For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not expose to extreme cold or heat. 

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