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Revamped Rewards Program for 2016!

Posted on January 22, 2016 by MISHIBOX Team

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for making 2015 such a great year for MISHIBOX. We have considered your feedback that you have given us over the past few months and have decided to kick off this year with a series of changes (good changes!). 

The first change is that instead of requiring 200 reward points to redeem a $5 coupon, you will only need to redeem 100 reward points for a $5 coupon up to $25.

For anyone who has previously redeemed a coupon using 200 reward points for $5, we have given you 100 reward points to make up for the difference. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with our new coupons, please feel free to email us at customerservice@mishibox.com and we'd be glad to help!

We hope you are pleased with this change in our MISHIBOX Rewards Program. To read more about our rewards program, please check out the MISHIBOX Rewards page.

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