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Canada Shipping Fee is Now $5.95 USD

Posted on August 28, 2015 by MISHIBOX Team

Hello everyone!

Looks like we'll be decreasing the shipping fee to Canada again from $6.95 USD to$5.95 USD! We are pretty happy to have been able to decrease the shipping fee from $8.95 USD to $5.95 USD! :)

We have decided to ship with a USPS affiliated shipping company instead of Canada Post. There will be limited tracking available. This move will enable us to begin shipping to other countries as well. We will soon offer shipping to additional countries in the upcoming months!

For those of you in Canada who already signed up with us, we have already issued you refunds and updated your monthly recurring rates.

We have also added a currency converter to our website so that you can view all prices in CAD instead of USD. However, check out will still be in USD.



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