• Get It Beauty: SON&PARK (Part 1)

by MISHIBOX Team October 25, 2015

The Get It Beauty episode that aired on August 5, 2015, was jam-packed with great information on getting your eye makeup to look perfect! We’ll be splitting this post into two separate posts due to the wealth of information presented in Episode 25.


The special guests on the hit Korean beauty show, Get It Beauty, were the professional celebrity makeup artists and creators of the Korean beauty brand SON&PARK. Son Daesik and Park Taeyoon were invited onto the show to share their best tips and tricks for getting eye makeup just right!

Park Taeyoon

Son Daesik

Why Your Eyebrows Matter 

When asked what he considers the most important, Son said that while eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eyelashes are all important, he considers the eyebrows to be the most important feature when applying eye makeup.

Son stated that popular Korean celebrities like Jun Jihyun and Lee Kayoing typically do not apply thick eye makeup (eyeliner or eyelashes) because you risk making your eyes look smaller. In order to make your eyes look larger and your face look smaller, the feature you need to really take care of are your eyebrows.

How to Properly Sharpen Your Eyebrow Pencil

He then pulled out an eyebrow pencil that looked like a 4B pencil that the hosts noted was oddly sharpened. Park Taeyoon interrupted at this point and noted that the pencil was incorrectly sharpened and Son noted that he himself had not sharpened the pencil.

Park stated that the proper way to sharpen an eyebrow pencil is to sharpen it like a dull kitchen knife. You leave part of the pencil unsharpened to prevent the pencil from breaking! What a great tip!

Why You Want Long Eyebrows

Son was asked to select one of the Better Girls—the collective name for the audience members—so that he could fix her eyebrows. After he selected one of the Better Girls, he explained that since her eyebrows were too short, it was causing her face to look flat. With longer and thicker eyebrows, you could make your face appear smaller.

While Son was fixing the audience member’s eyebrows, Park discussed how while short eyebrows seem to be trendy these days, it’s a big no-no in his opinion. Typically people want short eyebrows because they think it will make them look younger.

Park explained that if you look at babies and connect each end of their eyebrows to their noses, you will see a wide triangle. Long eyebrows for an adult result in the same wide triangle that will help you look younger. Short eyebrows result in narrow triangles that do not make you look younger. Therefore, make sure your eyebrows are long.

Here are the before and after photos for Son's corrected eyebrow makeup.

Eyeliner is a Girl’s High Heels

When it was Park's turn to pick his most important eye product, he stated that he considered the eyeliner the most important. He explained that like high heels that make you feel confident when you are wearing them, eyeliner often gives girls confidence, thus eyeliner is a girl’s high heels.

Park also selected one of the Better Girls to fix her eyeliner. He explained that he chose the particular audience member because her eyeliner was too thick, which caused her double eyelids to look nonexistent. This also caused her eyes to look smaller. He basically thinned out her eyeliner to show the change.

He noted that if you are wearing false eyelashes, you don't need to line the middle part of your eyes since the lashes are basically doing the job. You just need to do the front of the eye and the end where the false eyelashes do not cover.

Half & Half Makeup Competition

After each makeup artist shared their tips for eyebrow and eyeliner application, they were asked to compete against each other in a half & half makeup competition. Each makeup artist would apply makeup to half of one participant’s face and then the participant would choose the side she prefers.

Son went first. For Step #1, he used a screw brush to brush the girl’s eyebrow hairs upwards. He stated that this helps to fill the empty spaces between the eyebrow hairs.

To draw your eyebrows, he noted that if you hold the front of the eyebrow pencil, you will be able to draw darker lines. If you grab the end of the eyebrow pencil, you won’t be able to put as much strength into drawing your lines, so the drawing would be lighter.

For Step #2, Son used the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Mahogany with the Bobbi Brown Angled Eyeshadow Brush to fill the eyebrows. He said that since everyone typically has a matte brown eyeshadow, this is a good color to use to fill your eyebrows. Please note that this color may not be suitable for everyone.

For Step #3, he said that after you’ve finished defining the shape of the eyebrow, you need to give it some texture. He used the screw brush to brush the hairs after completing the eyebrow makeup.

For Step #4, he used the Benefit High Brow to highlight under the eyebrow. He used a brush to spread it evenly. Highlighting will help to give your eyebrows a cleaner and polished look.

After Son was finished, it was Park’s turn to apply makeup to the other half of the participant’s face. For Step #1, Park explained that it is typically for the front eyebrow hairs to point upwards and the end eyebrow hairs to point downwards. He said the best thing to do is to just brush the back hairs downwards and then cut them to form a clean line.

For Step #2, he applied a gold pearl eyeshadow from the SON&PARK All That Shadow Kit to the entire eyelid. He said if you apply this starting from the eye hold and then following along, it will help to push back anything that looks popped out. This tip may not apply to everyone.

For Step #3, Park applied a dark eyeshadow color from the same palette and applied it to the area where he’d be drawing the eyeliner (like a base). He stated that by doing this, it would prevent your eyeliner from standing out too much and give you a softer look. Your eyeliner won’t look like it’s just floating there is the literal translation.

Step #4 was to apply eyeliner using a liquid eyeliner along the eye.

For Step #5, he said that while he typically does not need to, it may help others to make a dot to where you want to draw your line from in order to prevent yourself from accidentally drawing the line too high or low. He then drew a line from the dot to the corner of the eye and filled it in.

For Step #6, Park finished off the look with a dark brown mascara.

When asked to choose her preferred eye makeup style, the Better Girls participant chose Park Taeyoon’s eyeliner makeup as her preferred style.

Round 1 goes to Park Taeyoon! The left side is Son Daesik's Eyebrow Point Makeup style. The right side is Park Taeyoon's eyeline point makeup style. Which eye makeup style would you have chosen for yourself?

Stay tuned for our review of the rest of the Get It Beauty Episode 25 review!

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