• DIY: Homemade Whitening Toner

by MISHIBOX Team May 31, 2015

Did you read our last post on whitening treatments? Well, now you can make your own homemade whitening toner! On episode 1 of After School's Beauty Bible, which aired on May 19, 2014, the esthetician that discussed whitening treatments also shared a recipe for a homemade whitening toner.

The homemade whitening toner can be prepared using just a lotus flower and a lemon. A lotus is a purifying plant that discharges foreign matter from the skin and thus helps with whitening while also supplying moisture.

How to Make a Lotus & Lemon Whitening Toner

  1. To make the whitening toner, begin by removing the lotus petals.
  2. Wash both the lemon and the lotus petals.
  3. Cut the petals.
  4. Put the lotus leaves and lemon slices in a sealed container together.
  5. Add enough water and age it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

The white lotus provides the whitening effect and the lemon has vitamin c. The fermentation of these two ingredients produces a natural toner that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Home Whitening Treatment Steps

Kim Seongryeong explained that if you want to perform a simple whitening procedure at home, you should follow the following steps:

Step 1:  Exfoliate by cleansing your skin with a peeling gel.

Kim Seongryeong suggested using steam towels in order to make the dead skin cells softer. This serves a dual purpose. First, the foreign matter in your skin would be discharged better, and second, the product would be better absorbed. Steam towels also help to open up your pores. You should wash your face with warm water instead of cold water.

Step 2:  Apply the whitening toner. Maybe your homemade lotus & lemon toner!

For this step, you can use your hands or cotton pads to apply the whitening toner. If you ever wondered what the difference was, basically if you use cotton pads, then it will be more effective in removing any foreign matter and dead skin cells on your face. If you use your hands, it will be more effective in moisturizing your skin than a cotton pad. You should choose whichever method suits your needs better.

Step 3:  Massage the face with a whitening essence to supply your skin with moisture and vitamins.

After you are finished applying the whitening essence, you should wrap your face with your hands because the body temperature will help with the absorption. You can also apply extra essence to the your trouble areas where you feel your face needs additional whitening.

That's it! Are you ready to try out this easy homemade whitening toner and whitening procedure at home? Let us know how it goes!