• Bare Skin Makeup with Kim Miso

by MISHIBOX Team May 24, 2015

On episode 1 of After School's Beauty Bible, which aired on May 19, 2014, Jungah met with Kim Miso for a project for the show. Kim Miso is a Korean make-up artist who does make-up for many top actresses in Korea. The style that Kim Miso decided to show Jungah was the bare skin make-up style or sok-sal make-up (속살 메이크업).

If you are not familiar with the bare skin make-up style, basically it is a make-up style where your blush and lip color look like they are coming naturally from your skin and not from your make-up. It is an adorable yet sexy style that is supposed to emphasize your eyes.

Before applying your base, dab some color onto your cheeks with a lip laquer and blend it with a sponge to create a natural blush look.

If you are using a watery light base, Kim Miso suggested using your hands instead of tools for application. If you apply it like lotion, then it will help make it look more natural.

For the eyeliner, Kim Miso decided to use the double color eyeliner style. If you are going to try double color lines, it is good to choose a colorful combination.

She applied an aqua blue gel liner about halfway on the top lid followed by a red gel liner to complete the eyelid. The aqua blue gel liner was used for under the eye.

Finally, for the lips, Kim Miso selected an orange lip lacquer for the lips to give a bohemian feel to complete the natural and sexy look. For those of you who are not sure what a lip lacquer is, it is a combination of lipstick, lip tint, and lip gloss because a lip lacquer has the color of lipstick, the long-lasting feature of a lip tint, and the shine of a lip gloss. Awesome, right? 

Here is the completed bare skin make-up look. What do you think? Is this a style you would like to try?